What is Boyd Gaming’s ticker symbol?

Boyd Gaming is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol “BYD.”

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Does Boyd Gaming offer any discounts to shareholders?

We do not offer shareholder discounts.

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Does Boyd Gaming have a direct stock purchase program?

At the present time we do not offer this type of program.

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Who is your transfer agent?

Our transfer agent is EQ Shareowner Services. They will be able to assist shareholders of record with a variety of issues, such as lost stock certificates, transfer of stock, and address changes.

EQ Shareowner Services
1110 Centre Pointe Curve, Suite 101
Mendota Heights, MN 55120
(800) 401-1957

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What is a “shareholder of record”?

“Shareholder of record” is a legal term that refers to a shareholder who owns shares of stock directly, rather than through a third party. If you hold shares through a brokerage account, you are probably not a shareholder of record. Note that “shareholder of record” is purely a legal definition: You are the legal owner of your Boyd Gaming shares, regardless of whether they’re registered to you or held in a brokerage account.

If you hold shares through a brokerage, you should contact your broker directly with any questions or issues regarding your stock account (such as name or address changes, or stock transfers).

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How can I get your press releases?

We offer automatic e-mail news alerts and RSS feeds if you’re interested in receiving Company press releases on a regular basis. You can sign up in our Media Room.

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How do I get financial information on your Company, such as annual reports or 10-Qs?

We post all financial documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission here

The SEC also maintains a publicly accessible database of all of our public filings at: http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/webusers.htm

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